skier´s tHuMB avoid



Thumb injuries are very common in skiing. In fact, in this sport for every two knee injuries, there is one thumb injury, known as skier's thumb.

Skier's thumb is the acute rupture, partial or complete, of the ulnar collateral ligament of the thumb. It occurs due to the pole’s lever causing excessive separation of the proximal phalanx of the first finger on the head of the first metacarpal.

Although it is the second most common injury in skiing, only after the injury in the knee’s medial collateral ligament, its preventive care has never been developed before.


Ski is in constant technical and technological evolution, and in recent years many important innovations have been introduced to increase skier’s safety.

The latest novelty is called STA (Skier's Thumb Avoid). A simple, convenient and effective element that aims to drastically reduce the incidence of the skier's thumb, and by so, improve the safety and the enjoyment of skiers.

STA is a patented bilateral support that could be compared to wings, which prevent excessive separation of the first finger. It also helps to reduce the probability of having others minor injuries, such as wounds or fractures. STA does not decrease skier’s comfort when skiing.

The project has won the first prize for the best young idea of the contest "Wanted" in Getxo (Vizcaya-Spain), worth 7200 euros plus 10 hours of expert advice of a value of 800 euros. A total of 8000 euros that Getxo, the city with the highest rate of people with university studies in Spain, is giving to a multidisciplinary team lead by Borja Muñoz Niharra, a resident physician in orthopaedic surgery and traumatology. The creative team is also composed by two engineers, Virginia Prieto Puig and Agustín Muñoz Niharra, and a nurse, Sonia Pastor Espejo.


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